ACR And The CARAs!

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Last weekend, the winners of the 2013 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards were announced. And once again, a bevy of A Cappella Records clients found themselves the winners and runners-up in many of the categories.

Both professional and scholastic groups from our client roster were named recipients of various awards, all of which were presented during the red carpet event at the 2013 Boston Sings A Cappella Festival last weekend.

Musae, one of the nation’s most celebrated pro ensembles and one of the few all-female ensembles of its kind, earned a runner-up award for perhaps one of the most coveted honors of the year – the Best Pop/Rock Album – for their debut offering, “(There is no Easy Way) From the Earth to the Stars.” Their cover of the Dixie Chicks’ rendition of Patty Griffin’s “Top of the World” was also named Best Country Song of the year.

MO5AIC also garnered recognition among their professional competitors, earning the Best Professional Original Song award for “S.O.S.” And resident a cappella solo artist Peter Hollens won the Best Song by a Solo Performer Award for his take on the American classic tune “Shenandoah.”

A whopping 11 of our collegiate groups – Fermata Town, The Loreleis, Juxtaposition, Capital Blend, Nor’Easters, Purple Haze, Voices in Your Head, Exit 245, The Pitchforks, The Techtonics, and the AcaBelles – won various awards.

In particular the Nor’Easters won Best Mixed Collegiate Album for “III,” and Purple Haze took the runner-up spot in the same category for “Shed.” Exit 245 took the prize for Best Male Collegiate Album for “Boyfriend Material,” with The Pitchforks close behind as runners-up for “Refraction.” And the Loreleis earned runner-up recognition for “A Kick & A Wallop” in the Best Female Collegiate Album category.

Outstanding high school groups who have worked with ACR also received recognition from the CARA board. Centerville High School’s Forte won Best High School Album award for “Life’s So Lyrical“, along with several other awards recognizing their originals and cover songs, while¬†Vocal Rush from the Oakland School for the Arts¬†earned Best High School Solo for “Let Us Be Loving” and runner-up for Best High School Song after Forte, both of which came off of “The Beginning.”

Congratulations to all of the winners, runners-up and nominees of the 2013 CARAS, from all of us at ACR!

Click here for a full list of the winners.

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