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Help bring A Cappella home on iTunes

Three years ago, iTunes disabled the US vocal chart because there wasn’t enough music to support its continued existence. It’s time to bring it back.

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An A Cappella “Rant” from the Futureheads

And now for something completely different: As regular followers of the ACR blog know, I’m a huge fan of a cappella that pushes the boundaries of our sound beyond the local mostly-empty dorm stairwell (you know, the one with the sweet … Continue reading

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Brand-New Blends With Chai-Town’s “Fresh Brewed”

I imagine that I listen to music the way some people drink chai tea. As much as I love the tried-and-true flavors of a cappella, it’s always exciting when a group tries to tackle a new or exceptionally challenging genre. … Continue reading

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Alaa Wardi: Arabic A Cappella, and more!

I first heard about Alaa Wardi somewhere on the Internet… I can’t remember if it was over on Reddit’s a cappella subreddit, or perhaps the CASA Facebook page, but someone linked his video for “Shalamonti Fel7al” (below), and I quickly … Continue reading

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A “Valentine Against Violence” from Peter Hollens

Those of us in the a cappella community already know that the human voice has a unique power to inspire and motivate. One of the surest signs that a cappella is moving up in the world is that other people … Continue reading

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