A Rich Portion of A Cappella Excellence

Initially formed to satisfy the requirements of a senior project in 1990, the Octaves at the University of Richmond have become so much more over the past 22 years of their existence.

The group quickly made itself into a celebrated staple of their school’s community, an experience that helped a fledgling group hone its craft to bring their show to other schools and performance venues beyond the confines of the UR campus. Their audiences have ranged from non-profit community activists to the United States Secret Service.

cover lg1 300x300 A Rich Portion of A Cappella ExcellenceIn addition to their live success, both on and off campus, the group has also proven itself in the studio. They earned appearances on numerous a cappella compilations over the years, and have been nominated several times for Best Male Collegiate Album and Song in the Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards.

cover lg3 150x150 A Rich Portion of A Cappella ExcellenceWe are thrilled to announce that four of those albums – “Corner Pocket” (2005), “Shotgun” (2006), “Original Copy” (2008) and “More Love Faster” (2010) – are now available for digital download through A Cappella Records!

cover lg4 150x150 A Rich Portion of A Cappella ExcellenceShotgun” and “Corner Pocket” earned the previously mentioned attention from the CARA nominating board, not only as overall bodies of work, but for stand-out tracks (such as “Lonely No More” by Rob Thomas, which also made its way onto BOCA that year) and arrangements as well. “Original Copy” and “More Love Faster” stand as proof of a group whose commitments to musicianship, quality and hard work have never waned.

cover lg2 150x150 A Rich Portion of A Cappella Excellence

Though the group has not been shy about taking advantage of all that recording production can offer, the use of technology is always tastefully executed and song-appropriate, and the immense talent of the group is never in question – tracks boast full backgrounds, tight percussion, and soloists all imbued with the sensibilities of a seasoned crooner. Songs tend toward the contemporary pop and rock, but the group has also proven willing to try – and succeed – with other genres and eras of music.

ACR is thrilled to have added such a dynamic, time-tested and fun group to its roster. Check out their music today!

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Collaborating For A Cause…

Two internationally-renowned a cappella ensembles have come together in a truly noble aim – to commemorate the anniversary of lives lost to war, and to call for peace and understanding.

“[Thirty] years after the war, The Swingle Singers from England and Voxpop from Argentina come together to sing for friendship between nations,” a stark introduction to the video reads in two languages as the first delicate strains of music are heard.

Ethereal, passionate, and all-around gorgeous, “We Only Ask” is a contemplative, reverent prayer that uses the best of what both groups have to offer to create a stirring musical experience. As the arrangement grows in complexity, the song takes on a driving, hopeful quality that emulates the groups’ message.

cover lg 300x300 Collaborating For A Cause...“We recorded a … song and video with the Swingle Singers because this year marks 30 years since the Falklands conflict between England and Argentina, and it’s a song of friendship between our two countries,” Voxpop told ACR.

The Falklands War, which lasted between April 2 and June 14 of 1982, took the lives of a reported 649 Argentine and 255 British military personnel.

Voxpop added, “[T]he actual choice of charity is delicate, which is why we’re giving this a lot of thought.”

The groups ultimately decided to donate the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, an organization that aims to provide necessary medical care, without bias, to developing areas in need, or areas ravaged by war and natural disasters.

We Only Ask” is now available for download through A Cappella Records and iTunes.


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Help Vox Pop Record Its Debut Album!

Vox Pop, a professional Contemporary A cappella League group based in Washington, D.C., made a splash this past weekend at VoCAL Nation by taking the stage in the festival’s professional showcase and holding their own alongside internationally-renowned acts such as Cluster and Afro Blue.

The performance was exemplary of their continued efforts toward self-improvement.

“A couple of years ago, Vox Pop was a bunch of people who liked singing contemporary a cappella together (mostly in the living rooms of members’ apartments),” the group said. “At some point, though, that stopped being enough.”

On the heels of their outstanding show – and years of increasingly impressive performances – Vox Pop is now hoping to raise the funds necessary to bring their blended talents to the studio.

Here’s where the fans come in – the group has put together a Kickstarter to help make enough money to record their debut album, “Mandate.”

“[We are] making an album because we have something to say, something to give to a cappella: our sound, our joy, and our love for this art form and each other,” they say on the page.

Vox Pop additionally promises an album with a diverse track list of contemporary songs.

The group’s name speaks to their collective mission, their true passion – to bring together voices from diverse backgrounds all dedicated to making a unified, harmonious sound. This past weekend’s performance showed that they have what it takes onstage. Now, you can help them bring that magic to the studio.

Contribute to their Kickstarter today!

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12 New Asian Countries

Today Apple announced that the iTunes music store has expanded to 12 new Asian countries. This means that songs from the A Cappella Records catalogue are now also available for sale in:

• Brunei Darussalam
• Cambodia
• Hong Kong
• Laos
• Macau
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Singapore
• Sri Lanka
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Vietnam

Now selling music in 63 countries, iTunes is the easiest way to sell digital music worldwide. For sake of comparison, the number of countries that have access to Amazon MP3 is 7.

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Help A Cappella Records Grow!

Three years ago we created a company with the sole mission of getting a cappella music on the digital stores. Powered by a team of four musicians, we obtain and administer the rights for over 3,000 a cappella covers from 150 groups around the globe.

To date, our artists have collectively generated over 1.5 million downloads and streams through A Cappella Records. Their YouTube videos have been viewed over 50 million times. The talent and creativity that comes through our office every day continues to astonish us.

United by a passion to create and promote great music, our team continues to evolve this digital rights company to keep up with the rapid changes in technology. We want our artists to have every opportunity for success while abiding by the challenges of current copyright law.  To unlock these possibilities, we’ve started raising money.

Today, we’ve applied to the Mission: Small Business $250,000 grant competition. To be considered, we need at least 250 votes by tomorrow (June 30th). To support us, please follow the four steps below (should take about 30 seconds).

badge 300x257 Help A Cappella Records Grow!

1. On the Mission: Small Business homepage, select “Login & Support”

2. Connect via your Facebook account by clicking “Log In with Facebook”

3. Under the business name, search “A Cappella Records”

Screen Shot 2012 06 29 at 2.07.07 PM Help A Cappella Records Grow!

4. Click the blue “VOTE” button.


Thank you for your ongoing support of our artists and our team.

Chris Crawford // Co-Founder & President

photo 300x300 Help A Cappella Records Grow!

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